PROAMMO Central Europe

  • PROAMMO Central Europe company has military license to trade with military material.
  • We are producer of HD TEC branded products primarily for armed forces.

Wholesale and retail sale:

  • Sales of ballistic protection equipment
  • Sales of tactical equipment of world brands
  • Sale of weapons and ammunition
  • Sales of X-ray equipment (luggage, vehicles, containers)


  • Hire of protective ballistic products
  • Protection of VIP persons and special purpose objects
  • Escorts to security countries
  • Specialized training

Ballistic protection

Lightweight ballistic vests of various sizes designed for hidden wearing. The vests are ergonomically shaped to provide high comfort in use and not limit movement.


We sell offered goods wholesale and retail sale.

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Food packages

Thanks to a special freeze-drying technology, the food keeps all the nutrients and flavors. Removing the water from the food also prevents the spread of microorganisms and bacteria..


Ballistic vest VENOM

Vest is anatomically shaped and designed not to restrict a user not only betrayed the movement (walking, running, posed), but also driving.

Polymer gun cases

IMI Defense Polymer Cases were designed to meet the highest demands and demands for functionality and quality for army and police.


Ideal for pushing the weapon while protecting the areas of the hand that are most at risk. Maximum durable and strong seams.

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We are the exclusive distributor of the following brands

VIP protection

The company PROAMMO Central Europe, spol. s r.o offers you services in the field of protection:

  • Personal escorts for traveling to countries with a deteriorated security situation or armed conflict
  • VIP protection
  • Escorts by vehicles

    This activity is performed by professionals with long-term experience in the state armed forces.

Specialized training

The company PROAMMO Central Europe, spol. s r.o offers you services in training people in the following directions:

  • Planning protection
  • Protocols for personal protection (close protection)
  • Walking protection
  • Special driving of vehicles
  • Healthcare preparation
  • Shooting preparation
  • Police / Military sniper training for shooting up to 2800m (individual courses)
  • Basics of pyrotechnics
  • Introduction to NS (trapping system), their characteristics and recognition
  • Tactics of vehicle and building inspection, and space exploration to detect NS locations

Specialized training for Municipal Police

The company PROAMMO Central Europe, spol. s r.o offers you services in the training of Municipal Police in the direction of: 

  • Teaching self-defense
  • Self defense against stabbing, cutting and cutting weapons
  • Teaching work with a telescopic baton
  • Tactical shooting
  • Defeating the offender
  • Healthcare preparation

Company address

PROAMMO Central Europe, spol. s.r.o.
Poděbradova 836
440 01 Louny
Česká Republika

IČ: 28161424
DIČ: CZ28161424
Firearms license: CF114411



PROAMMO Central Europe, spol. s.r.o.
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Česká Republika

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