Taktické Batohy a Nosné Systémy

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Mar´om Dolphin


Společnost PROAMMO Central Europe,spol. s r.o. je výhradním zástupcem pro značku Maro´om Dolphin.
Mezi produkty této značky patří mimo jiné Batohy, nosné a hydratační systémy.
Veškeré produkty Mar´om Dolphin jsou vyráběny v Izraeli
Batohy, tašky na optické přístroje a zbraně je možné vyrobit dle požadavků zákazníka na míru dle specifikace.

Taktické Batohy a Hydratační Systémy pro Speciální Složky


Tactical Backpacks and Hydration Systems for Special Forses


Tactical Backpacks

Ergonomic carrying backpack plays a critical role in soldier combat capability.
Mar'om Dolphin produced backpacks, which are:

  • large
  • equipped with heavy-duty zippers
  • have padded shoulder webbings
  • extra pockets

They are convenient for storing large volume or heavy objects.
Elegant and functional design of the bag allows quick access and easy manipulation

Bg6600.jpg          Bg6617.jpg

BG6600                                                          BG6617

BG6600 90 liter backpack with additional 20 liters of storage space. This backpack comes with several different sizes of pockets and a removable internal divider allowing greater part of the opening and the possibility of transmitting a broader load.

BG6617 45 liter backpack command with a new design featuring a wide front opening for ease of removing the contents of a special inside pocket for radio. This bag has a top opening for the antenna and a hydration system.




BG6606 Very spacious martial bag for hand or for your back with padded shoulder strap



One Day Pack 35 liter bag, divided into two compartments with special openings for radio wiring and hydration tubes.



Hydration System available in different volumes from 0,75 to 3 liter.



Multi Modular Pistol Holster Specially designed to allow adjustment to almost any kind of pistol with accessories.



Large Size Utility Pouch can be used on the modular thigh rig or on the back of the vest, available in different sizes.




Tactical MOLLE Thigh Rig with 4 MOLLE webbings. For attaching any MOLLE pouch or accessory. Can be easily connected to any duty belt, tactical vest or waist belt.




World`s most advanced system (patented) for carrying heavy load backpacks over tactical and ballistic gear.

The uniqueness of the system is a flexible hinge that allows the backpack`s frame to float and expand over the ballistic vest, and by that to transfer the weight of the bag from the shoulders directly to the cushioned waist belt. By that the pressure on theshoulders and arms is reduced and the soldier can operate his arms and hands freely.

The system enables carryng heavy weight on top of any tactical vest even with full-face hard ballistic panels or with a full water bladder, etc. The frame maintains proper weight distribution on the body of the soldier in a wide variety of movements (standing, running, lying down & kneeling).

Load strength: the carrier may be loaded and used with over 100 kg of equipment which will be carried at ease and comfort.

The hinge system can be used in following ways:

A stand-alone frame with strapes for quick connection of any kind of equipment.

A frame integrated into any designated bag system with full compatibility.

The light version inserted into a regular back system (without the full aluminum frame).






Our 60 liter bag was specially designed for use by infantry combatants as a multi-purpose backpack. This backpack was designed in full compatibility with our FORMISSION system and is highly recommended for use by infantry commanders. The bag is designed with a wide opening from the top to the bottom of the bag (suitcase style) for quick and easy access to all equipment in the bag. This compartment can be divided into two seconds. In addition to that there are two large pockets at te front and bottom of the bag for additional equipment. Special slots for hydration tubes and communication wires are availiable in 3 places. A rain cover is stored in the rear of the bag for protection against water and dirt.

Two 5 liter pockets in the top hat of the bag

One 10 liter pocket on each of the sides of the bag

MOLLE straps on the outer part of the bag for attaching additional pouches

User frienly back system allows easy adjusting according the body size of each user





The SHAVIT bag was specially designed for carrying extra heavy loads for a long distance. The bag is equipped with plenty of additional pockets to allow the user to carry all the necessary equipment up to 110 liters. In addition to the highly-ergonomic design, the SHAVIT is a modular bag in which many pouches can be separated from the main body of the bag and hbe used as a separate small backpacks. The main compartment offers a valume of 75 liters with a tube style opening at the top of the bag and a zipper opening at the bottom for quick access to essential equipment. Two small 5 liter pockets (one in each side) are attached to the bottom part of the bag. the bag includes the following detachable pockets: 

A bag cover (hat) with storage volume jf 5 liters

Two side pockets (7.5 liter each)

Onefront pocket of 15 liter storage

These four parts can be put together to form a 40 liter runaway bag with its own shoulder strapping system and a simple but efficient back support system.

The modularity of the SHAVIT allows connecting each one of the parts separately to the 75 liter main bag and by that the user can define the size of the bag (from 75 to 110 liters).

The SHAVIT has a full compatibility to our hinged FORMISSION system.





Marom Dolphin`s Sniper Bag was designed to be a modular carrying system and to be able to fit a wide range of sniper rifles with all required accessories. The bag is constructed of one main compartement for storing the rifle and a second conpartment is a detachable section with consists of three compartments: the large detachable section for all of the rifle accessories (list below) and for all the snipers additional personal equipment. All accessory pouches are with hook and loop fasteners and are interchangeable between the main compartment and the detachable one based on the equipment that the sniper wants to take along on the operation/ The bag is fully conpatiable with the FORMISSION system.

Three magazine pouches

Cleaning kit pouch

A general mesh pouch

Extra night scope pouch

Small utility pouch





This bag was specially designed for use by combat-doctors. The bag includes over 20 different compartments to store a full set of medical equipment includes an oxygen bottle and field operation kits. The main compartment of the bag is designed in the way to provide full opening to allow access to all the medical equipment at a glance.

The bag is fully compatible with the FORMISSION system.

Main Compartment

with a dedicated section for an oxygen bottle, 2 transparent pouches and 7 mesh pockets.

Top Section (the Hat)

divided into two compartment with special slots for wiring and a hydration tube.

Two Side Compartments

with five inner mesh pockets

Detachable External Compartment

can be used as a separate 20 liter backpack.





Small medical bag

Marom Dolphin`s small Medical Bag (45L) includes 4 big detachable transparent pouches (organized inside the bag) and 2 outer compartments attached to the outer part of the bag by MOLLE webbings.

The bag is designed with a full opening to allow access to all of the medical equipment quickly.

The bag is designed to carry all the necessary first aid equipment for a small team.