Conversions Kinggun SA-58

Accessories for the Legendary SA58

“The 7.62 mm Shotgun is an individual weapon designed to destroy the enemy’s live force by shooting, stocking or bayonet, especially in a close combat.
A simple design ensures its reliability even under difficult conditions. “

Model of the year 1958



Consists of:

  • Overpass
  • Underpass

and allow us to fix components such as:

  • collimator
  • laser
  • tactical flashlight
  • grenade launcher M 203 etc …

The overhang and back support of the submachine gun are preserved as the original classical parts. On the sides of the overhang there are six ventilation holes for quick cooling of the piston and mainly. There are ten ventilation apertures for cooling the barrel and the chamber.

This system is produced in two variants

  • Sport
  • Military version


The upper part is fastened by means of a M5 x 30, bolt-8.8 and pressed nuts. The front part is inserted by the slides under the grips of the fissure channel for the drive of the breech. The screw secures a firm anchorage of the workpiece without the play and also provides the necessary torsional clearance for microdilatations mainly during shooting, especially in the automatic shooting mode. There are 3 windows on the sides of the workpiece allowing for the intense cooling of the heat-weighted parts of the weapon and the control of the piston contamination.
On the upper side is an integrated rail type Mil-STD-1913 (PICCANTINY-1913) for fixing the collimator.


  • Material: dural EN AW 2030
  • Weight: 112g
  • Height: 29mm
  • Width: 32mm
  • Upper rail: 140mm
  • Finish: hard anodized


The lower part is fastened just like the original piece on the weapon frame by means of the original pin and inserted in the preloaded handle in the front. There are three integrated rails of the Mil-STD-1913 type (PICCANTINY 1913) on the surface of the ramp, allowing the installation of standard accessories. Among the rails are once again profiled windows, enabling the creation, chimney ‘effect, ensuring efficient cooling. The design is optimized with respect to overall maximum structural integrity and lowest weight. The overall underframe concept allows the M 203 grenade launcher to be used in the pod. The shocks that occur during the shot are not transferred to the barrel as other structures, but they are carried directly to the frame of the weapon by the support of the frame.


  • Material: dural EN AW 2030
  • Weight: 192g
  • Height: 37mm
  • Width: 45mm
  • Side rail: 155mm
  • Lower rail : 166mm
  • Finish: hard anodized
The military version of the system has been subjected to weapons tests of weapon accessories and is intended for armed forces.

Double-sided cartridge catch for assault rifle SA vz. 58

Double-sided Tray Capture serves especially for convenient, fast, and intuitive stack replacement. The catch is controlled by the index finger of the right hand, but retains the original control with the thumb of the left hand.
The benefits of this solution are:

  • When emptying the tray, only the right hand is used and the left hand can already pull the full tray out of the case. This means significant acceleration of overcharging.
  • In tactical overcharging with the hub in the chamber, the index finger of the right hand is safely outside the trigger and prevents the unwanted shot from overloading.

The catch is primarily designed for right-handed shooters, but it simplifies the exchange of the magazine and the shooter to the left-hander. The finish of the part is a dull blackening. Installation is very simple and no need for any modification of the weapon. stack capture and breech catch.


KIGGUN UKZ-58 (muzzle chamber for SA-58)
The compensator significantly improves the behavior and control of the weapon, eliminates the pistol stroke, reduces the recoil and the flaming of the flame from the mouth of the barrel, accelerates the re-aiming of the weapon on the target after the previous shot, both in self-priming and especially in the self-firing mode. The compensator has been designed so that the maximum effect is achieved with minimal dimensions and thus the length and weight of the whole weapon has not been increased. This ensures comfortable handling of the weapon even in combat technology, rugged terrain and in buildings. The effect of the compensator is achieved by the gradual discharge of gases through eleven conical openings, which accelerate gases and act as nozzles. Further, the mouthpiece is properly countersunk on the compensator to prevent damage. The compensator is made of high-quality alloy steel and is additionally refined to achieve greater strength and wear and damage. The barrel is secured by the original spring pin.


Length: 52mm
Diameter: 24mm
Weight: 112g
Flashing flashes: 91%
Rebound damping: 76,2% !!!
Damping of the lift: 100% !!!
Rotating in the longitudinal direction: 50%

Tested in Prototipa-ZM, s.r.o.

First remove the thread guard at the mouth. Clean the thread and the front surface of the flywheel from the dirt in the place where the compensator will stand. The compactor must be properly matched and tightened. Cutting is done on the lathe by cutting off the back (where the thread is). Thread pitch is 1mm, that means that if the compensator is screwed and missing to the correct position half a turn, it must be shortened by 0.5mm, quarter turn = 0.25mm, etc …
If, for any reason, it is released for any reason or if more material is removed from the fitting than is required, you can shorten and redeem the compensator by 1 or 2 turns. After assembly, we recommend that you check the gun.

After each shooting, use the oil for weapons to conserve the compensator. Take care not to get a foreign body such as clay, snow, a piece of cloth after cleaning, etc. in the compensator, etc. The gun could be destroyed during the shot.

For further modifications of the weapon, you can arrange:

  • Compensator
  • Double-sided ejection of the stack
  • Bumper cover with built-in railing (rail is over the entire length of the cover)
  • Bearing carrier (left and right) !!!
  • Blackening weapons
  • Stock M4 (retractable with shock absorber)