The UTX® round solves most of the major issues that law enforcement officers and professional trainers experience with other 9mm non lethal training ammunition systems.

  • Use the UTX® round with MOST  existing NON-UTM 9mm weapon conversions
  • No additional cost for new conversions
  • Retains same reliability and marking consistency of standard UTM rounds
  • Ends jamming issues seen with our competitors so you spend your time training not cleaning  barrels.

9mm UTX

  • UTX® Marking Round
  • Velocity: 370fps (113m/sec)
  • Noise Level: 121dB
  • Accuracy: 3.0″ at 8.2yds (75mm at 7.5m)
  • Standoff Distance: 10″ (0.25m)
  • Avg Muzzle Energy: 2.4ft/lbs (3.3 Joules)
  • Non-Tox


Our new 9mm UTX® Marker Round allows you to enjoy the accuracy and reliability of UTM’s Non-Lethal Training Ammunition technology, without the need to buy a new conversion.


Our patented driving bands and dual primer system ensure:

  • Malfunction-free training – even after hundreds of rounds
  • No plastic shavings or inaccuracies caused through smooth bore effect
  • Controlled and consistent velocity
  • Maximizes the effectiveness of your Force-on-Force, Force-on-Target, and tactical training


UTM’s patented inertia technology (as opposed to bursting) allows glancing shots to mark, providing more consistent and reliable hit identification during Force-on-Force exercises.


The UTX® Marker Round fires from your appropriate existing conversions, without the need for alterations or gunsmithing ““ maximizing convenience and minimizing cost.

9mm UTX® BBR