Protective vest for dog

Ballistic harness for dog incl. rapping system

The special dog system is designed to provide ballistic protection in IIIA level in whole area of the vest according to NIJ 0101.04 and provides support and strength during rapping and manipulating with the dog.

The vest consists of three parts with a soft ballistic pad (back, abdomen and chest) and from special strap for back legs for better stability of the dog during rapping.

Whole system is equipped with “COBRA AustriAlpine” buckles and straps and at the back there are sliding fasteners for attaching dog to the harness. At the front part of the back there is also a handle for handling a dog. The whole vest is softened to ensure the comfort and free movement of the dog.

The harness system is used in the police of the Czech Republic.

The entire system is variable, it can be supplied with or without ballistic protection and with the possibility of rapping system or without.

  • Vest provides ballistic protection according NIJ 0101.04 level III.A
  • Each part of vest has integrated pockets for insertion of ballistic protection according to the user’s needs or to perform an exact task.
  • CORDURA 1000D material with coating is used as top material.
  • There is a rapping system on the back consisting of 5 buckles with a screw lock with a strength in the longitudinal axis: 25 kN and the strength across: 10 kN
  • Buckles are secured by strength straps (tensile strength 17.5 kN) 45 mm wide so that the dog can be attached vertically to the body of the slaughterer
  • The dorsal part is connected with the abdominal part, the chest part and the back leg straps using the strength straps, which are adjustable in size using the “COBRA AustriAlpine”
  • On the dorsal part there are seven buckles “COBRA AustriAlpine” with two quick-release fuses (tensile strength 18kN). Two on the sides of the neck, connecting the dorsal part with the chest part, four on the sides (on each side two, connecting the back and the stomach between the fore and aft legs) and one at the tail (attaches the additional straps to the back legs during abduction)
  • On the outside of the ridge there is a MOLLE system which is at the maximum area (tensile strength of min. 7.3 kN)
  • The handle for pulling is located at the front of the dog’s back, just behind the dog’s head, and is provided with a soft plastic cap
  • The inside part of the dorsal part is softened by using a 3D abrasion-resistant mesh (according to ISO 20344-6.12 min 100,000 cycles). The inside material is breathable and provides air circulation.
  • The abdominal part of the vest is designed to provide as much protection as possible while not restricting the movement of the dog during run or jump
  • From the outside of the abdominal part is CORDURA, the inner part is made of polyamide fabric with waterproof coating for easy washing
  • The abdominal part is attached to the chest by the „COBRA AustriAlpine“ which allows optimal size adjustment and tensile strength of up to 18 kN and is also secured with a Velcro fastener to prevent the two parts from moving
  • The back legs straps are attached to the dorsal part of the waist and serve for fixation and for better stability of the dog during slaughter at the moment when the dog is attached to the body of the rappel
  • The straps are size-adjustable and in the groin area they are softened so that the dog does not thrash

Ballistic protection of vest

  • The ballistic pad is made of aramid fabrics
  • The ballistic protection of the vest complies with the requirements of III.A according to NIJ 0101.04 in whole area of ​​39.5dm2 (depending on the size of the dog)
  • The ballistic pad retains flexibility and is anatomically shaped
  • The thickness of the ballistic panel is 7 mm
  • Ballistic protection in level IIIA according NIJ 0101.04 for:
    9mm Luger / 8g / 438m/s
    44 Rem.Mag JHP 15,6g
    7,62×25 FMJ / 5g/ 469m/s (trauma max 25mm)
    9×19 Dynamit Nobel AG Action 5 / 450m/s

TTD of ballistic vest with rapping system

  • The whole system weight incl. ballistic protection III.A: 4.1 kg
  • Weight without ballistic Protection: 1.95kg incl. slapping system